Conjoined Twins, Revisited

This 9X12 original watercolor painting titled “Conjoined Twins, Revisited” was painted on a trail I’ve walked many times. The beech tree looks like it is joined at a belly button.


Conjoined Twins, Revisited

Veit’s Woods, located near Central Michigan University, has a wonderful foot path that goes through a beech forest. This tree, perched on a small ridge that borders a vernal pool, is my favorite. Beeches grow in unique ways but this one appears to be splitting in two but to me it looks like the two trees are attached at the navel.

I’ve walked past this tree many times thinking I should paint it. However, I decided to bring a stool because it would be difficult to paint sitting on the ground; I didn’t want to get any more ticks like I did a few days ago!

a photo of an incomplete painting titled Conjoined Twins
Field Work