Deerfield Road Barn

Deerfield Road Barn is a 9X12 plein air transparent original watercolor done by the side of a dirt road in Michigan’s Isabella County.


Deerfield Road Barn with Gratitude

I painted this slightly leaning barn in 2012 and with gratitude, shortly after I moved back to Mt. Pleasant after living in Michigan’s Capital of Lansing for two years. 

When in Lansing, I often had to travel an hour or more so to get into rural country that wasn’t  suburbanized. After I moved back to Mt. Pleasant, it was only a 5 minute drive to paint in peace and splendor.

Although I titled this painting “Deerfield Road Barn”, I’m not exactly sure its on West Deerfield Road or some similar dirt road in central/western Isabella County.

See more information and comments about this painting on my Flickr site.