Drive Up Vandecar Road

11X15 winterscape of a rural farm on Vandecar Road in Isabella County, Michigan. Done with archival materials and suitable for Framing.


Drive Up to Vandecar Road Farm

I passed by this Vandecar Road farm perched on a hill everyday on my commute to and from work at the Mt. Pleasant Center. I loved to drive up the road to revel in observing the changing light and seasons on the landscape. I have done many paintings of it as well as the spruce trees in front of the farmhouse. 

I moved to Lansing for two years and when I moved back to Mt. Pleasant, I noticed immediately that the farmhouse was gone. In its place is a modern structure built quite tastefully and compliments the light, spruce trees and barn that are still there. However I’m just a bit saddened knowing the farmhouse no longer exists.

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