Imminent Collapse of an M-20 Centennial Building

7.5 X11 plein air watercolor on Arches paper


Imminent Collapse 

This building had been on a Centennial Farm just west of Mt. Pleasant on M-20. I drove past it many times until I noticed that the roof’s collapse was much more evident so I painted before it was gone completely. Not long after the farm owners completely raised the structure. 

A small work, I have left some of the messy splatters on the pure white paper. Often my plein airs can get a little messy without the controlled environment of a studio. I think the splatters enhance the artist’s direct relationship with the subject. 

After painting something like this, I feel I have preserved a little history and gained some also. My hope is if you are interested in good art with meaningful history you will purchase this little piece. 

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