Painting Contentment: A Bog off M-28

9X12 Plein Air Watercolor of a wetland located between Munising and Christmas in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


Munising, Michigan Bog, M-28

For years I have admired this wetland just south of M-28, a highway in the Central Upper Peninsula that follows Lake Superior. It was only a matter of time after I took up painting from my car that this bog, nestled at the base of hills and just across the road from the lake, would become a subject. I love the monochromatic palette that represents the time of year when there is little green except for the White Pines and spruces growing in this boreal habitat. 
There is a painting on the back of this watercolor that is also suitable for framing. I use Arches Watercolor paper which completely blocks the painting on the back. Its like getting two paintings for the price of one

For More About M-28 Bog, Click on the Flickr Link