Meridian Park Glowing Sunset

9X12 plein air transparent watercolor on Arches paper. There is a painting on the back but cannot be seen due to the high quality of the paper.


For Meridian Park Glowing Sunset

I used a technique called “dry on wet”to create this work I start with wet washes while leaving some parts of the painting bare paper, usually the horizon line. While the paper is still wet, I apply thick amounts of paint without water. The edges of the pigment bleed but leave denser pigment in the middle. It can be a very difficult way to control a painting because the effect differs with the drying pigment but it can be a fun ride!

Dry on wet is a favorite technique for quick, plein air sunsets. The pigment interaction mimics what the fading light does to the landscape. Often after a day of painting in the field, I will pull over to paint a sunset. In this case I was going by Meridian Park, located near Mt. Pleasant, Mi. 

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