Memorable in Merriman

Merriman is a small 7X10 Watercolor depicting a snowscape from the central Upper Peninsula


Merriman, Dickenson County, Upper Peninsula

Merriman is one of my oldest paintings, and first plein air, from my collection. Painted in 1997, I had just completed home visit-I was a social worker living in the Upper Peninsula at the time. These visits could be very stressful due to the extreme poverty, isolation, and resulting family dysfunction. 

I had just enough light left to paint from my car when I came upon this scene. Something about the flatness of winter light was very appealing-almost like it was a cardboard cutout of a movie stage. Pleased with the results, I found myself very attracted to painting scenes like this, which has continued to this day. I suppose that is a good thing since much of winter light is like this in Michigan. 

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