Purple-fringed Orchid

Purple-fringed Orchid is a 7X10 pen and ink and watercolor drawing  painted in 1996 at Tourist Park, Marquette, Michigan.


Purple-fringed Orchid

When I first started hunting Michigan’s terrestrial orchids, I sometimes came across this native orchid in wet swales across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Although not uncommon, this delicate purple wildflower never grew in abundance so was always a delight to find. 

When I drew this specimen at Tourist Park in Marquette County during the nineties, my best identification was Platanthera psycodes.  However I have seen another genus name, Habenaria, and possibly this orchid has been split into two species. I would appreciate any feedback on the name of this orchid.

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Purple-fringed Orchid is also featured on my Flickr site.

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