Sunrise Barn Along Shepherd Road

An original 9X12  transparent watercolor  titled “Sunrise Barn Along Shepherd Road” is painted with archival materials and is suitable for framing.


Sunrise Barn on Shepherd Road

Prior to the pandemic, I often took Shepherd Road in Isabella County south to Alma for my day job as a counselor. This is my favorite barn along that stretch and I have stopped to photograph it many times. The barn was especially exciting on those mornings with a lot of colors in the sky.

I doubt this is the last time I use this barn for subject matter. I should find the owners and get permission to paint directly on site

I often use the same triad of colors in my sunset and sunrise paintings. Go to the painting titled “3 Sunset Colors Flowing into Evening” to find out more. 

Sunset Colors Flowing Into Evening is a watercolor depicting loose bold colors
3 Sunset Colors Flowing into Evening