3 Sunset Colors Flowing into Evening

Sunset Colors Flowing Into Evening is a 10X14 plein air original transparent watercolor on Arches paper and is ready for your matte and frame.


.Sunset Colors Flowing Into Evening

This painting is a good example of my loose flowing style from about 7 years ago. 

Often after a day in the countryside, I would look for a place to park and paint the sunset while on my way home. Sometimes I would pull into a parking lot at last light and quickly paint. 

Often it would get so dark I couldn’t see my paint colors well.  I’ve used mostly the same palette for years so I know what the pigment will do on  paper and then its kind of fun when I get home to see if I created a masterpiece or a mess! 

For this method,  I like to get my paper partially wet while keeping most of the horizon line dry. I let the colors mix themselves while loading my brush with various amounts of water and paint. For this painting I used a Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Triad of pigments: Quinacridone Pink, New Gamboge, and Cobalt Blue. 

Painting these sunsets this way is more of a spiritual exercise for me and often the process of the painting is more enjoyable than the outcome. I have been so overcome by the beauty of some sunsets that I will tremble and weep while I paint. 

To read more about this painting, go to my Flickr page and my blogpost