Swimming Keweenaw Bay After Sunset

12X16 original watercolor titled “Swimming Keweenaw Bay” depicts residents of Zeba cooling of in Lake Superior at a favorite spot on the Rez called “The Alligator.”


Swimming Keweenaw Bay After Sunset

For generations, residents of Zeba which is part of the L’Anse Indian Reservation, have been cooling off at a popular swimming spot called the Alligator. The name “Alligator” comes from a long outcrop of Jacobsville sandstone that starts above water and then plunges into Keweenaw Bay, part of Lake superior. Apparently people have thought it had the shape of an alligator. I’ve never thought so but then again the outcrop may have been worn down by water since it was named. The sandstone makes a good spot to sunbathe, wade, or diving off  it into deeper water.

People often bring a nail to chisel words into the rock. I remember when we first moved to Zeba my mom pointed out very eroded words she carved as a girl. The sandstone is soft, making it easy to work. However, wave action will wear away the lettering after a generation.

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A photo of the letters M Sherman carved in sandstone
M. Sherman carved by my Nephew Mike Sherman
A photo of Jacobsville sandstone shoreline and frozen Keweenaw Bay in the background
Frozen Alligator in March